You’re invited … Into the Dark.

Check out our portfolio by clicking any image below, or keep reading for clothing ideas.

The Basic

Boudoir Session, in your home.

Includes 6×6 mini black book (up to 20 images)


as an add-on to a wedding $350

The Complete

Professional Hair and Makeup

Boudoir Session, in your home.

Includes 6×6 mini black book (up to 20 images)


as an add-on to a wedding $500


Professional Hair & Makeup

Boudoir Session in a Hotel

8×8 black book (up to 40 images)


as an add-on to a wedding $750

Now…. what to wear? Well, of course, clothing is optional, but we do have some recommendations:

 * these are the bare-minimum for a boudoir session.

Cocktail dress (or snug, well-fitting dress) *


Short Shorts

Mini Skirt

White ribbed tank top or well-fitting t-shirt

Lots of different kinds of sexy heels*

2-3 bras, 1 for sure on the lacier side *

4-6 pairs of lacy or sexy panties *

Garter Belt Set Lingerie

Loose Sweater

See-through boho-style shirt

Mens button down shirt


A shirt you can tie (and show off your midriff)

Jean jacket, bolero, or fitted suit jacket

Uniform (if your spouse/significant other is in the service)


Sports Jersey

Nylons or stockings

Jewelry – necklaces, rings and bracelets. Earrings can detract from your eyes *

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Wedding Boudoir Photography
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