10 Things You Need for your Summer Wedding (that you probably didn’t know about) 4   Recently updated !

There is so much you have to remember when it comes to preparing for your summer wedding.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things (and some bonus wedding tips and ideas) to help you make sure you have every little thing you need.  From all of our years of being a part of summer wedding days, these are the things we’ve found that most couples don’t think about, or have no idea they’ll really wish they had.

Is there anything you’d add to the list or any extra wedding tips you think couples should know? Let us know in the comments.

1. Electric Box Fan
When you are waiting to go down the aisle and after the ceremony, you will want to stand over this fan, I promise. Summer weddings, even on cooler days, can get hot under all that dress.

2. Frogg Togg ChillyPad
These awesome towels can go in the fridge and then stay cool all day long. Perfect for groomsmen, bridesmaids, family members to help them keep cool. Might even be able to stash one in your shirt for the ceremony **hint hint, gentlemen**

3. Snack Packs
Those small protein packs, or make your own. You’ll want to grab something quick throughout the day. Water bottles are great too.

4. Straws
Once that lipstick is on, you won’t want to mess it up. A straw will keep it looking great, and minimize the risk of spills, too.

5. Extra Tie
Just in case one of your groomsmen … or dad, or brother or uncle …. forget their tie, or the suit rental shop sends one that is kid size, instead.

6. Extra Dress Shirt
Again, just in case a shirt is forgotten or doesn’t fit… or someone spills.

7. Battery-operated, Handheld Fans for you and your wedding party.
These will help keep you guys cool during your summer wedding reception – lots of bodies tend to generate way more heat than we anticipate.

8. Spray Deodorant
Even if it’s not super hot on your wedding day, we recommend spraying most of your body with spray deodorant. It will help prevent sweat and chaffing in … undesirable spots.

9. Comfortable shoes (and socks!)
These can even be those (dare way say it) ugly converse you’ve had since junior year. You’ll want to slip out of those dress shoes and mingle and dance – and no one cares what’s on your feet.

10. Blue or Black pen
You will need this to sign your marriage license, and it’s almost always the one thing people forget.

A few extra wedding tips:

  • Make sure you use our handy Emergency Kit list to build your day of kit
  • If you’re doing a bubble exit, use bubble guns and bubble machines. Those little tinkerbell-esque bottles of bubbles may be cute, but they don’t work.
  • If you’re doing a sparkler exit, read our tips here on what kind of sparklers to buy.
  • Bring a “Drunk kit” – bread rolls, water bottle, tylenol. For that one guest (or wedding party member) who might partake a little too much.
  • Have a plan for your gifts and cards, where they can be secure. A car may not always be the best option if the parking lot is easily accessible from the road.  You will want to take your cards with you when you leave the wedding – they’re super fun to open when you get to your hotel.
  • Have a plan for your left over food, drinks and cake, and don’t forget about any of your decor or rentals.
  • Ask your caterer to bring a snack in for you while you’re signing your marriage license after the ceremony – and to pack you a “to go” box to take with you when you leave for the night.
  • If your officiant doesn’t file your marriage license for you, make sure you know who is responsible for making sure it gets back to your house. Also – take a cell pic of it once it’s signed and show that puppy off on your honeymoon for some awesome upgrades!
  • If you’re a GSquared couple, you’ll also want to make sure you bring the things on this list for your wedding day too!
  • Clear Umbrellas in case of rain
  • Tissues for those happy tears
  • Sticky tack, fishing line, scissors and easels. There is almost always a sign or piece of decor that people forget about and they need to find a way to display it.




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