top 10 wedding blog posts 2019

Top 10 Wedding Blog Posts of 2019

Every year I like to dig through our website visit stats and see what blog posts everyone loved. For the last few years, we have a couple of posts that are consistently on the list, but since they’re such big favorites, we still include them when we do this round up of our “Best of the Best” Top 10 Wedding Blog Posts in 2019.

This year’s group is a mix of wedding planning tips and real weddings from our 2019 couples. Did your favorite blog post make the list? If not, let us know which post you love in the comments.

  1.  If you’re looking for a great wedding venue, this is the post to start with, and it’s no surprise it’s number one every year:
    PNW Proud: Wedding & Elopement Venues Off the Beaten Path
  2. This post even includes a freebie download to help your wedding planning:
    What Should I Be Doing? A 12 month Wedding Planning Checklist
  3. Because we can’t have too many blog posts that talk about wedding venues:
    17 of Our Favorite Washington Wedding Venues
  4. Creating a spending plan is tough – we’ve done the leg work to help you get started:
    Average Wedding Vendor Pricing (and when to book them) |  Snohomish & Seattle
  5. After 300 weddings, we’ve compiled a list of the most forgotten things on wedding days:
    10 Things You Need for Your Summer Wedding That You Probably Don’t Know About
  6. This beautiful wedding features adorable dogs, a majestic view and an incredible windstorm:
    Through the Storms | Ashe & Alder Wedding
  7. We know that trying to figure out your wedding day timeline can be hard. Let us help:
    Timing is Everything (Including a Headache)
  8. This sweet wedding in Snohomish features the most adorable Father/Daughter moment of the year:
    Navy Blue & Sunflowers | The Lookout Lodge Wedding
  9. From beautiful details to a gorgeous love story, just add a lot of wind and you’ve got a great wedding:
    A Bellingham Wedding in the Wind
  10. Who doesn’t love NERF, Dinosaurs and adorable churches in Port Gamble? Check it out here:
    Elegance, NERF & Dinosaurs |  A Port Gamble Wedding


If you’re getting married in 2020, make sure you share your wedding post for a chance to be featured in this list next January!


Visit the Wedding Venues featured in the Real Wedding blog posts above:

Ashe & Alder

The Lookout Lodge

Bellingham Ferry Terminal

Port Gamble Weddings

top 10 wedding blog posts 2019

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