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2019 Best of: Getting Ready

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We went through all of the weddings from 2019 and tried to narrow down some of our favorite images in each of our “Best of Categories” – and of course, first up for the wedding day photos is “Getting Ready”.

We have specifically built our packages so that you don’t have to choose between photos of getting ready and reception.

That being said, we also know that not everyone wants photos of themselves “halfway done” – when we arrive, we start with details and then come in to the getting ready rooms while you’re getting close to being finished with hair and makeup.

Getting ready for your wedding day is filled with many emotions – peace, excitement, anticipation, and so much more.  The room is usually filled with the people most important to you – parents, wedding party … and they can make for some of the sweetest photos – it’s also a time we get to do a few fun things thanks to hairspray 😉

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