snohomish wedding photo 5374 by GSquared Weddings Photography

It All Started in Middle School | Gray Bridge Engagement

These two have the most adorable story. They met at Alderwood Middle school in their teens, and were a constant in each-others lives from there on out.

Through ups and downs and good and bad, their friendship lasted through the decades – until finally they decided that maybe this whole forever thing would be a good idea for them. When they brought up the idea of going to the site of the old Alderwood Middle, where it all begin, I knew this was going to be fun. They showed up dressed just like they did in middle school, and we actually spent most of the time there with them sharing memories about their school days and telling me their love story. It was pretty much perfect. Also, they are definitely going to be our lifelong friends, the kind we have over for bonfire and barbecue.

After a quick dinner break, we headed over to their wedding venue, Gray Bridge, in Sultan. The timing was perfect as the evening sun danced across the tops of the trees and created a beautiful hazy glow. We are SO excited for their wedding in a few short weeks, and can’t wait to go back to Gray Bridge and create more magic together.

See their wedding venue here.


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