Personal Post: Our Garden

I don’t often do personal posts, but with a little bit of down time until our next wedding, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some of what we’ve been up to.

Like many during the quarantine, we started a garden. In December, we moved into a larger home on more land, but still in Machias. The land is perfect for planting, and we’ve found great success with our little garden. We have a few projects in the works as well, planned for photography specifically. There is a 12 foot round sunflower field in progress, 40+ pumpkins for fall photos and a lot of clearing happening on the back part of the property (where there is also a little creek/pond).  We are definitely learning the lesson of patience, as we want all of it to be done and beautiful NOW.

We started most of the vegetables in the house for a few weeks prior to transferring them outdoors – with the late frosts this year, we think that made a big difference in the end products. We have plans for an even larger garden for next year – and hopefully we will be able to share the wealth a bit with our neighborhood.


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