We gathered some of the most common questions inquiring couples ask us.

Absolutely! I hate that this is a question, but we are 1000% believers that everyone has the right to love whomever they choose, and we are honored to photograph every single love story that comes our way.

Beyond photographing your big day, we like to take things just a few steps further. It’s all about the journey and not just the day.

Every wedding package we have includes a second shooter, digital and/or print options, and a personal sharing site for your guests!
On the day of, we’ll stick to the shadows, keep things going smoothly, and create an incredible record of your important day. We’ll be there to help lace up that stubborn dress or help with that tie if you need it, too! This day is all about you, and we want to make sure you’re relaxed and enjoying every moment. if you need us, we’re here. A shoulder to cry on, an extra set of hands, someone to get everyone where they need to be – we will make sure it gets done.
We love weddings! Not only are we recently-ish (ok, ok, not so much anymore) married ourselves, but Kate is a certified wedding planner – meaning that that 100% attention to detail is there at all times. We love seeing all the sides of love (read this post to find out how we got started in all this wedding stuff).
Helping our brides (and grooms!) put together that vision for their day that is truly them is what it’s all about. No two couples are alike, so no two wedding galleries should be either! We love getting to know our couples – so much so that many of them have become dear friends! Being a part of such an incredible day in your lives is a huge honor. To see that final moment when everything you’ve planned so hard is coming together – but be forewarned, we may shed a tear or two along side you! My (Kate) personal favorite moments are the Daddy/Daughter first look, a couples first look, the vows, the kiss (awww!!) and the Father/Daughter dance. Seeing such pure, raw moments of love, adoration and commitment is the highlight of my day. I could photograph 5 weddings a week and still never get enough!

Yes, and it’s sad to me to even have to be asked this question. Every image you see on this website was photographed by GSquared Weddings

Raw, emotive, earthy, passionate, intimate, and observant. We seek out unique perspectives, and sometimes that takes us up a tree, wading in to a lake, or under a table. We fade into the background and document every moment as it unfolds, and then when needed, we can step up and take charge and make sure that we get the photos we need (like those family formals everyone loves).

Starting in the 2021 season, we are booking up to 2 weddings per day during peak wedding season. This means there will be a team lead by Kate, and a team lead by Josh. That means we will take a maximum of 6 weddings in a weekend (Fri-Sun). We may have other weddings or sessions during the weekdays as well.

Look for personality as much as style. Your photographer will be spending the entire day by your side, you need to get along with them. They also need to be able to incorporate your vision as much as their own. Also, don’t go for the cheapest photographer out there. This is the only part of your wedding that will last for generations – when your grand-kids want to know about your wedding, this is what you will show them. Invest in that. Most wedding photographers in our area run between $2000-5000 for coverage, and GSquared falls within those ranges. You’re not just paying for photos though – you’re paying for an experience. Whether we’re with you for 4 hours or 12, we will make this a day to remember. Find a photographer that will go above and beyond for you – this isn’t just a “job” and your photographer should truly love weddings and everything about them. We appreciate all the tiny details that you’ve put into your day, from the special songs you’ve chosen, to your rings, to your vows – all of it is just as important to us. Communicate with your photographer – a lot. Make sure that they know your order of importance for the day (portraits, details, moments, etc) and can keep things on track. They should be asking you just as many questions as you’re asking them. Choose a photographer whose portfolio of work is solid, consistent, and appeals to you as a couple. If you like bright colors and vibrant tones, don’t opt for a photographer with vintage style and lots of glowing, soft photos. GSquared’s style is warm, clean & vibrant tones, unique perspectives and natural, subtle editing.

One of my favorite moments was during a recent destination wedding. The couple had what I would call a heart-led ceremony. There was very little of the traditional formalities done. They read their vows to eachother, and then when the moment was right, they kissed and were pronounced husband and wife. It was amazing, unexpected and emotional because it was so powerful. THEY decided when they were married, not the officiant.
Another is from a destination as well. The style was a country elegance, and the entire bridal party and parents dressed in themed attire (they all looked amazing!) – however, the father of the bride was used to his suit and tie.
When there was a lull in the reception, Dad snuck off and changed into his special suit. He hid behind the curtain of the reception area by the dance floor, and invited his daughter up – all the while, talking about how they’d dance together when she was young. When she was finally there, the special song he’d chosen started to play, and he stepped out. The bride had been fine all day, no show of emotion – until that moment, when she started crying (so did I – I’m even crying remembering!) and they danced one of the most beautiful, precious dances I’ve ever seen… him whispering his memories of her as a girl throughout the song. These are the moments that bring out the very best of a wedding and what its all about.

Simply put, Canon. We use professional grade Canon DSLR cameras (5dmkiii and 6d, 6dmkii), back up cameras, and a wide variety of lenses. We also have flash and video light capabilities, so no matter what your day or venue might throw at us, we’re prepared.

You can, however we cannot guarantee that we can get every shot on a list. Not only are there a lot of variables, but we have found that shooting from a list can stifle some of the creativity and natural flow of the day. We love to see your ideas of course, and if there are specific shots you’d love to have, just mention it to us – we’ll do our best to make it happen. The one list we DO want from you for sure is a list of all the family members you want in your formal shots. Don’t stress about that yet though, when it gets closer to your wedding day I have a handy toolkit I send you to make this part easy-peasy.

Yes, we do! Not only do we have a “Client Love” page here on the website, but you can also read the reviews and endorsements we’ve received on WeddingWire. We also have Reviews on TheKnotYelpBBBGoogle and Facebook.

Since Kate is a certified wedding planner, we know the ins and outs of traditions and creative weddings, and little secrets to add that special touch to your day. With two shooters at every event, you get to see things from multiple perspectives – which means we get the moments you may have otherwise missed. We can even recommend a few things to make your day more personal. Not only that, but we work with vendor partners to give our brides perks – little things to say thank you for choosing such awesome people to work with. We have a great list of preferred DJs, Salons, Makeup artists, Bakeries, and more that we can send your way if you’re stuck on who to choose! As an added bonus, every one of our couples is given a private Sharing Site and App where guests can view the photos from the wedding. We know that most of our couples are very social, and this gives you an easy way to always have your memories at your fingertips. We are authentic and real with our couples, too – you get to know us as much as we get to know you. And who knows, we may even become friends (we often do)!

GSW is Kate & Josh Gansneder, a husband and wife photography team. We are kind of newlyweds ourselves (8/2012) and fell for the whole “process” of weddings while we were planning our own. Josh has been after me since the beginning to try our hand at weddings (I shot them years ago when film was the thing) now that we were a team – and honestly, I was hesitant. Now looking back, I have to wonder why! I’m highly active, love change, and can never be doing just one thing – wedding photography was the perfect fit for me (read this post for the full story).
I was asked to second shoot a wedding with a friend, and reluctantly agreed. About an hour into that wedding, I realized that I was where I was supposed to be. This was my heart, my soul, all poured out through my lens. There is nothing quite as amazing as being the ones to save every moment for the rest of someone’s life of one of their biggest moments. Needless to say, I came home, told Josh, and he was THRILLED. And here we are. Energized by every wedding, the opportunities for creativity, for new memories together, and with our couples. Check out our full  “About Us” here.

We personally recommend printing from Costco. You can actually access your digital download straight from their website. We recommend Zno for photo books. 

Of course, we offer professional prints, books and albums that come with a lifetime guarantee. 

If you’re getting married anywhere in Washington State, we don’t. For information on the transportation fees for other areas, just send us a message via our contact page and we can let you know details.

Well, it depends on the weather. Josh will always be in slacks, a button down, suspenders and a tie. Kate varies between slacks and dresses, and usually a blouse/top to coordinate with your wedding colors. On our Facebook page, you can see a lot of examples in our Behind the Scenes album. It’s probably also good to note that Kate’s hair is rarely a “natural” color.

That being said, for engagement sessions, we dress for the weather. This can mean boots, jeans and a hoodie, or capris and a t-shirt.