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Don’t want that blurry, fumble-filled ring shot to be how you announce your engagement to the world? Want something a little more classy – not to mention FLATTERING to that gorgeous rock that’s now yours?

Follow these steps and you’ll have a shot you’ll be proud to show.

1. Decide how you want to show it off. Do you want it on your finger, or just the ring itself ? Do you want something more creative? Read below to find out what to do next!

2. If you’ve opted for “on your finger” you need to make sure your hands are clean and nails are neat (read: not chipped). Choose a simple background to hold your hand over or in front of. You want the ring to be the focus, not your new chevron print couch cushions (although … that might make a cute backdrop for just the ring!)

3. So you want to show off just the bling, huh? Create a setting. Got married in June on a picnic? Pull out the picnic basket and blanket and prop that ring up. Maybe it was a Christmas proposal – put your ring amongst the baubles of your tree. Maybe you want your initials in the middle of the ring itself.

4. Maybe you’re the creative type. You want a pinky promise, or you kissing in the background. This means you’ll need to enlist a friend to help out! Grab that awesome person, and have them snap the shot to show off your love.

5. But wait – HOW to shoot it? Most smart phones now have a macro setting in their main camera.  Use this setting and have a steady hand (prop your elbows up on a table or solid surface while you’re shooting). Use the tap focus area feature on your phone to find a focus point (focus on the main stone of your ring for best results). Make sure you’re in good light, and not using flash.You may need to shoot it a few times to get it just right, but you’ll get it!

6. Now go share it! Upload that gorgeous photo to Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook – and get ready for an amazing rush of well-wishes and congratulations (you deserve it!!).

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