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Tips for Brides, pt. 1 | Snohomish County Wedding Photographer

1. Some traditions are better broken. Do a first look before you walk down the aisle. Not only will your groom feel more comfortable to react with his true, full emotions when you’re alone – but it will just intensify his emotions once he sees you again walking down the aisle to marry him. 

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2. Talk to your professional photographer about a share site for your guests – not only for them to view the professional photos you’ve had done, but for them to upload to as well – that way, you can keep all your memories from your special day in one place that’s easy to share. 

3. On your wedding day, delegate, and then let go. The little things don’t matter as much as you being married when its all over. Give things to people you trust and then trust them to do them. Don’t give anyone your phone number – delegate that out, too! Enjoy this day for you.

4. When planning your ceremony, keep the sunshine in mind. Getting married in direct sunlight can really impact your wedding photos. If you have a shady option, go for that instead. 

5. Brides, this tip is for you! Are you close to your Dad? Schedule a “Father’s First Look” right after you get ready. It’ll mean a lot to both of you (but don’t forget the tissues!!)

6. Make sure that your dress, rings, and flowers are at your venue when your photographer arrives. They’ll need time to do detail shots before you need these special items.

7. 2-3 days prior to your wedding, have your rings professionally cleaned. Then, store them in their box until the big day so that they stay clean and beautiful for your photos.

8.  Try to anticipate photos you’ll want before the big day and give your photographer a list. Plan for that big family photo (with an approximate count) so that your photographer and family isn’t surprised on the day of.

9. Ask your vendors for recommendations for other vendors. And book all your “Big” ones early – bakery, caterer, officiant, photographer, videographer, florist, DJ/band… the best ones book up early – even up to a year out!

10. On the day of, EAT. Keep small, light but protein rich finger foods on hand all the time. You don’t want to eat a big meal but a few small things all day long will keep your energy up.

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