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Wedding Clutter: Refining Your Vision

Overwhelmed? Confused?

Almost as soon as you have that ring on your finger (ok, ok, probably a little while before), you’ve been daydreaming about your wedding. You probably have a few pinboards filled with HUNDREDS of ideas that you just *have* to have for your wedding. The problem?

It’s one day.

But when you open up that pin board and try to narrow it all down, well, nothing you pinned seems worthy of deletion. Sigh. And back you go to pinning more stuff because that is just way more fun.

Time for a reality check. Whether you have 6 months or 18 before you take that walk down the aisle and party the day away with your closest friends, you have to start making some decisions. I have this awesome little trick to make it easier.


You’ll need :

4 pieces of poster board



Your Pinterest Boards

Wedding Magazines


Glue sticks

Patience 🙂



First, label your boards:

1. Clothing (anything you and your bridal party will wear: gowns, tux, colors, flowers, shoes, garter, hair, makeup, etc)

2. Ceremony (decor, readings, layout of chairs, etc)

3. Reception (decor, table settings, entertainment, all that jazz)

4. Miscellaneous (anything that doesn’t fit in the above categories)


inspire board ceremony

inspire board clothing

inspire board misc

inspire board reception

The Steps

1. Print out your Pinterest boards, and pull out anything that inspires you from those wedding magazines. Cut out each image so that they’re all separate. Do an initial sort and get rid of anything that isn’t a “YES!!”

2. Take everything left over, and sort it out to one of the boards. Don’t paste anything down yet.

3. Go through each board one by one, and lay all the pieces out neatly. Pull anything that just doesn’t fit who you are as a couple.

4. Still no gluing!

5. Walk away from the boards. Once a day for the next week remove (or add) things to the boards.  And keep the glue stick away from the boards.

6. Take a break for 2 days. Don’t even let yourself PEEK at those boards. I’m serious. This is where that Patience thing comes in.

7. Come back, do one final removal of things that don’t fit… and get out that glue stick.

8. Glue everything that is left to the boards.


That’s it – you now have a roadmap to your vision.

Let us know how it worked for you in the comments!


Watch for our next blog post … we’ll help you prioritize all the awesome plans you just made!




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